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Hot Pepper Awards 2012 | Golden Chile & Fiery Foods 2013/2014


Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label  is a lightly smoked mild sauce made with jalapeño chiles - and only  jalapeño chiles! This is the first (and only) non-pepper blend from Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, and the resulting flavor is a distinctively bright and tangy jalapeño finishing sauce with all-natural hickory smoke flavor from smoked sea salts. While a mild sauce, there's still enough heat to light up the palate a bit - it is hot sauce, after all. 

Naturally sweetened with California black mission figs and organic apples from Nana Mae's, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Purple Label is fruit-based, but not "fruity" at all - it's the perfect compliment to beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian dishes, pizza, sandwiches and almost everything else. 100% fruit sweetened with no cane sugar,  Purple Label  is yet another reason that Lucky Dog Hot Sauce is Food's Best Friend!

Pairing suggestions: Purple Label is almost like cheating when it comes to chicken, fish, steak & pork, as it will add the notes of hickory smoked flavor without the hours of standing over a smoker. A tremendous compliment to cheese & crackers, sourdough bread & goat cheese, or a turkey & Swiss sandwich, this sauce is also equally at home on pizza burgers.

And now you'll get more delicious sauce for your money, as Purple Label is available in the new 8.5 OZ glass bottle to keep the price down!

If you love hickory, you'll LOVE Purple Label and it makes a tremendous steak sauce too! 

Purple Label is a Winner! 


  • 1st Place Golden Chile! 2014 Fiery Food Challenge, Mild - Consumer Ready
  • 3rd Place - Fiery Food Challenge, Jalapeño


Helpful tip: For best value on shipping, 1-3 bottles ships for just $7 USPS Priority! Bulk pricing also receives discounted Priority Mail shipping! 


The Story Behind the Sauce

Purple Label is a recipe I'd been making for myself for years as a steak sauce. I love hickory, and there's not much that's subtle about it. 

I would either use this sauce as a finishing sauce, or mix with bourbon and marinate beef roast in it for the BBQ. The apples and Black Mission figs lent subtle sweetness to this sauce, and I loved the contrast between the intense hickory smoke and the fruit notes. 

As with the Pink Label, smoked salts were key to finally being able to produce this sauce - as soon as I'd figured out how to translate the smoked salts for Pink Label, Purple was a no-brainer. I released Purple Label at the same time as Pink Label, and it remains my most polarizing sauce.

While Purple Label received critical acclaim from the getgo (Golden Chile for "Mild" in Texas) hickory is one of those flavors that people seem to either love or hate. In this sauce, the apple is prominent enough to be terrific on pork chops, chicken or virtually anything off of the grill. 

...and I'm perfectly OK with that. Those who appreciate hickory love this sauce with the intensity of 10 suns. For those who do not, I have 7 delicious non-hickory sauces to enjoy. Purple Label is a "chef's favorite" and it's fun to see the ideas light up for how to use this sauce in recipes when they try it.


~Scott Z.  

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