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Year of the Dog Long Sleeve Shirt - Unisex

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Year of the Dog apparel is here, and with stunning 11-color quality! And now available in this fantastic long sleeve, 2-sided 100% cotton shirt! 
Front: Classic Lucky Dog dog & horseshoe,  printed with metallic gold ink for an extra sharp look!

Back: Year of the Dog label art by Robin Case
Lucky Dog Hot Sauce t-shirts are high quality pre-shrunk 100% cotton, and now with an 11-layer screened image of the stunning Year of the Dog label by Robin Case! 

A quality hot sauce deserves a quality shirt, There are no "shmedium" fit, paper-thin, clingy, weak-sauce digitally printed long sleeved shirts here, folks - this is a rugged and comfortable heavyweight cotton shirt, with 11 bold colors. As well crafted as Lucky Dog Hot Sauce itself!

Note: Ships with up to 2 bottles of sauce for the same shipping price! 

They also make a great gift! 

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