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Hot Pepper Awards 2012 | Golden Chile & Fiery Foods 2013/2014


The Hot Pepper awards were just announced and I’m excited to say that Lucky Dog Hot Sauce had two products place in 3 categories!! 


1st - Smoke Canyon - Smoke Roasted Jalapeño Sauce
2nd - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Green Label
3rd - JungleRain - Serpents Bite

1st - New World Hot Sauce - Roadhouse Red Pepper Sauce
2nd - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Orange Label
3rd - Davez Foodz - Sweet Spicy Girl

1st - Sean’s booYah! - The Hammer
2nd - Lucky Dog Hot Sauce - Orange Label
3rd - Sean’s booYah! - Stinky Bee

Written by Scott Zalkind — December 31, 2012


Linda Ware:

You must try this hot sauce!!!! I have been a hot sauce lover for many years…. Not telling how many!!!! NEVER have I found anything to come close to the flavored you will experience in LUCKY DOG HOT SAUCE!! I am very serious. I have always gone for hot hot hot, however, since getting just a little older I have to mild it down. So, my problem is finding a mild mind blower. I have now found several!!thank you LUCKY DOG. I love it. And everyone else came enjoy all the other bitter sauces. This is so AWESOME! !

December 29 2013 at 06:12 PM

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